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What is the Most Watched Tamil Movie in aha and Why?

What is the Most Watched Tamil Movie in aha and Why? post thumbnail image

There are various Tamil movies that you can watch on the reputed OTT platform, aha, and all of them are equally good. But there are some movies that are watched a lot by people, such as ManmathaLeelai, Writer, Selfie and much more.

These movies are considered the best Tamil movies 2022 and there are reasons why. In this guide, you will learn a little about some of the movies and why people are so fond of watching them.

Most Watched Tamil Movies

Some of the most-watched Tamil movies are as follows:


This is one of the most viewed Tamil movies on aha,and the movie’s director is Venkat Prabhu. The cast includes Ashok Selvan, RiyaSuman, SamyukthkaHegde, SmrutiVenkat and many more. The story of this movie is unique, and the background music is also great.

The story of this movie begins with multiple narratives of Satya (Ashok Selvan) ‘s current rich and happy family with wife Anu (SmruthiVenkat) and their child. He was also in an affair with Poorni (SamyukthaHegde) some years ago. Later he gets caught by the girls’ fathers and lands in major trouble.


This movie is considered one of the best Tamil movies2022and revolves around an illegal case in the police department. The movie’s director is Franklin Jacob, and the cast includes Iniya, Samuthirakani, Lizzie Antony, Hari Krishna and many more.

The story is about a middle-aged policeman cum writer who gets caught in an illegal custody case. This movie ensures to inform people more about the police department and what usually happens there. An innocent PhD student gets caught in an illegal case, and this movie is mainly about how he gets out of this case with the help of a policeman.


This is another most-watched Tamil movie directed by MathiMaran, and G.V Prakash Kumar is in a leading role. The movie’s cast includes G.V. Prakash Kumar, VarshaBollamma, Vidhya, GauthamVasudeva Menon and many more.

The story of the movie revolves around an engineering student who becomes part of an underground college admission racket. He does this to earn money, but slowly, he learns that he has become part of a dangerous racket. He and his friends often become targets of gangsters.

Watch the Best Tamil Movies on aha.

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