cxaav8wviaagbjq-1Our band of merry travelers, known affectionately as #AppellateTwitter, has been in the news recently. In case you missed it, first there was some coverage of our crew at Above the Law. Then U.S. Law Week did a story on us, which was cross-posted at Bloomberg BNA. Then Today’s General Counsel did its own little blurb referring to the Law Week article. Then Law.com ran a story about us.

And to cap it all off, Judge Dillard (@JudgeDillard) actually cited #AppellateTwitter in a footnote to one of his judicial opinions.

Big League!


Presidential Predictions – UPDATED

Predictions are fun. I’ve made a few already, about the Supreme Court (here and here). So, with Election Day coming up tomorrow, I figured I’d go ahead and offer my predictions about the presidential race. Here’s my more conservative prediction:


And here’s my more bold prediction:


I’ll update this post with the actual results to see how I did!

UPDATE: Welp. Like everyone else, I was way off. Here are the actual results, as of 2am on November 9th:



The Amicus Brief as PR Tool

How companies and organizations can use the amicus brief as part of a larger PR strategy. (Click the image for a definition of “amicus brief.”)