supreme-court-building-120628First: this week at the Court.

Next, Orin Kerr argues with Ilya Shapiro and Randy Barnett over the role of CJ Roberts’ Obamacare decisions in giving rise to Donald Trump. (Read articles in this order: one, two, three, four.)

Adam Feldman takes a look at the numbers for OT2015 case origination.

Rick Hasen on the Court’s next big fight over money in politics.

David Savage on the Court’s new trepidation.

Lawrence Tribe on “The Scalia Myth” and Cass Sunstein on “Scalia, Living Constitutionalist.”

Mark Tushnet on what a liberal Supreme Court might look like.

And the Congressional Research Service on Merrick Garland’s “Jurisprudence and Potential Impact on the Supreme Court.”